Colin Kaepernick is one of the best NFL players ever. He does redefine what it meant to be an NFL Quarterback as he plays for the San Francisco 49ers. With his superior mobility and his monster arm strength, Kaepernick has the ability to be NFL’s super quarterback. If you want to get inspired by his whole routine or are just interested in knowing what makes him the star, then keep on reading.

Weight Loss and Vegan Diet

However, about a year ago Colin Kaepernick turned vegetarian, and due to a few injuries, he lost quite a lot of weight. So there is plenty of rumor that Kaepernick’s weight and muscle mass loss can be because of that vegan diet he started about a year ago.

Kaepernick claims that the loss of weight and muscle mass isn’t because of the diet, in which he does not consume animal products. However, many instructors and dietitians say that it’s not possible for a professional player to maintain body weight and muscle mass by following a vegan diet because protein consumption is critical in developing and maintaining muscle mass and animal products are the primary sources of protein. But thanks to Colin Kaepernick Supplements that balance his diet, also aid him in muscle building and keep him hydrated. His supplements are said to be containing a special pair of fatty acid ‘Testosterone Boosting Factors” that are resulting in muscle building muscle. Its ingredients are giving him an edge over the competition because of its immediate muscle growth factors.

But he has not confirmed his diet yet. He said that he eats a very clean diet and he cannot afford to change or miss any of his routine exercise and diets to keep performing well. He plans to gain the lost weight and muscles by eating a lot along with along with taking supplements for weight gain and protein shakes.


Colin Kaepernick Workout routine is organized such that he is working on both the field work and body mass retention along with yoga. He also does the MMA, boxing training and hill running. His workout routine is focused on enhancing his athletic potential as NFL Quarterback and shaping his body with a mix of field work and bands/weights.

On Monday, he does field workout in the morning while in the afternoon he does the lower body workout.

On Tuesday, in the morning he goes for upper body workout while in the afternoon he does yoga or pilates.

On Wednesday, the routine for Monday is repeated.

On Thursday, the morning workout starts with upper body while in the afternoon Kaepernick goes for MMA/Boxing.

On Friday the morning workout begins with hill running while the afternoon workout focuses on the lower body.

On Saturday, the upper body workout is done in the morning. After that, the rest period starts.

Sunday is the rest day.

Supplements Colin Kaepernick Takes

Many people find it difficult to gain muscle or burn body fat only with good training and diet. Hard work or any workout routine, even if eating perfectly, if never paid off for you then Proper supplementation is critical to your bodybuilding success. You can get motivation from Colin Kaepernick. The ‘Secret’ Supplements Colin Kaepernick seems to been taking will help him gain his weight, and his workout will help him enhance his athletic potential. He is surely the superstar of the future.