Colors can surely influence how much food one will consume. Mostly, many of the fast food establishments are following almost the same color to use it in their logos, crockery, furniture, etc. there is a practical reason behind this similarity. Definite colors can impact your hungriness and craving to eat food. Consequently a particular color is when applied to paint a room, stimulates hunger well. This, obviously is a strong mean of more business, for most of the fast food restaurants,

Similarly, if you want to reduce your weight, you might be fine assisted by surrounding yourself in particular colors that overpower your cravings and hungriness in actual. In this way, you can lose your weight quite easily by just having less desire to eat food.

Following are the reasons why some colors suppress or stimulate hunger:


Red is an exciting color as it is mostly dependent on the way it is used. If food is presented on a reddish, people are less likely to eat or finish it completely, since they link red spheres with danger signs. This may appear unauthentic, but gradually, it is happening.

On the other hand, the color, generally, prone to enhance the craving, which is the reason behind the red color logos of most of the fast food restaurants. Similarly, we are more likely to catch foods of red color tempting which leads us to consume more food. Whenever you eat a strawberry, red apple or a cherry, it always leads you to crave for more.


Gray is that color which needs to be avoided when there is a matter of hungriness stimulating colors. Many of the consumers do not link gray with an appetizing food. As a result, it shifts their mood to not to eat. There is not even a single gray colored food you ever find appetizing.


Black is considered to be one of those colors that distract you from eating. It is too dark.

It is supposed that most people will tend to consume larger amounts of food when they are happy and excited. Both of these feelings come when there is too much colorfulness around them subtracting black color.


Hitherto one more color suddenly suppressing your appetite is blue. One of the reason is that there are most of the foods having blue are often no or less delicious. Keeping blueberries aside, many of the foods of blue color appear relatively unappetizing. They become the cause of unlikeness of food of the people. Many of the people do not link this color with palatability. Also, blue is linked with calm and relax moods, which makes them more appropriate for bedroom or washrooms.


As a final point, yellow is the color that can arouse the appetite and lead the people to wishfully consume more. One more time, you usually look yellow practiced in most fast food restaurants. Yellow can create feelings of pleasure and cheerfulness, accompanied by enhanced serotonin release, which leads you to eat more food all over.