People usually view bodyweight training as just a finisher exercise with a combination of few workouts. They always do this training for a particular goal and never try to make it any more challenging or useful. This, however, is not true that you cannot change or bring variations in an exercise. Exercises are done for your body, and you have the full authority to change them as per your needs. This article is going to talk about three ways you can change your bodyweight training and make it more efficient.

#1 Adjust the angle of the exercise

In bodyweight training, you are targeting a certain muscle of your body. By changing the angle, you can target different areas of the same muscle group and therefore achieve greater benefits. For instance, when you are doing a regular push-up, the primary goal is going to the middle portion of your chest. You can change your angles by either elevating your upper body or elevating your lower body. Both of these angles will modify the location of applied pressure and bring it to other body parts. You can divide the time to make sure all angles are exercised.

#2 Manipulate your weight distribution

Mostly people see bodyweight training to be linear which is why they will only increase the number of reps. If you change your bodyweight in this exercise, then you can successfully make it more challenging. For instance, in a regular pushup, 50 percent of your body weight is on your one arm, and 50 percent of it is on the other arm. Now you can change this combination by doing pushups half the time with just right arm and half the time with the left arm. This will help the muscles to get strong much faster as they will be doing an intense workout.

There are other ways and exercises in which you can manipulate your body weight. In a pull-up or chin-up, you can use the same trick to doing it with one arm to make it more challenging. While doing dips, you can put more weight on one triceps. Then we have the usual squats, which are already very difficult but you can make them even more challenging by distributing all your body weight to one side and doing it with one leg only.

#3 Decrease speed during the eccentric

Eccentric training is necessary and effective because it repairs and builds our muscles. The muscle is stronger during the eccentric portion so focusing only on concentric will not sufficiently stress the muscles. While you are doing the eccentric portion, it is better if you decrease speed and then that will give more tension to the muscles. The three methods of doing eccentric training are; inter eccentric rep training, eccentric only training, and post set eccentric training.

These are they ways of how you can make bodyweight training more challenging by just bringing in few variations. This will give you better results and that too in a short time.