Many athletes who practice strength training use the amino acid powder for a variety of reasons. When you include amino acids in your diet they will help you build more proteins in your body and increase your muscle mass. One specific type of amino acid protein is the branched-chain amino acids, also known as BCAAs. You will find BCAAs in some amino acid powders on the market nowadays. The BCCAs can be divided into three categories: leucine, valine, and isoleucine.

Great adjuvant in muscles recovery

When you want to recover your muscles more quickly, you can use the amino acid powder. Those athletes who have tried this powder have noticed an improvement in the recovery of their muscles after a hard day in the gym, doing weight lifting exercises. For bodybuilders in particular, this is an excellent product. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published a study in 2010 mentioning that the weightlifters who have used the amino acid powder before hitting the gym felt an improvement when it came to their muscles recovery. Moreover, they noticed a decrease in muscle damage.  

Increased level of testosterone and growth hormones

When you use amino acids and you are a bodybuilder, it may happen that your hormone levels can be affected. 2010 was also the year when the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research mentioned how the strength-trained athletes who use BCAA have experienced higher levels of testosterone. This is the main benefit of the amino acids powder that has been demonstrated to increase the muscle mass. Another study published in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise in 2009 talks about another discovery. The athletes who used the amino acid powder have higher concentrations of growth hormone. They also experienced increased testosterone levels. This means that if you are a bodybuilder, you can use the amino acids powder to increase your testosterones and growth hormones levels.

Increased muscle mass

Bodybuilders’ main task is to increase their muscle mass. The amino acids play an important role in achieving this task. They improve the muscle recovery while also increasing the testosterone levels. Moreover, they increase the concentrations of growth hormones. It is very important to use an amino acid supplements when you want to obtain efficient results. The placebo supplements will not give you as efficient results. In 2009, the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise conducted a study statins that athletes receive a lot of help from the amino acid supplements. They managed to increase their muscle mass without too much effort.

Satiety Benefits

The bodybuilders know very well how difficult it is to keep cravings under control. The amino acids play an important role in controlling their appetite and help them during the calorie intake before competitions. A review from 2009 published in the Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care mentioned that the amino acids improve satiety and the body composition. Therefore, they are of great help when you try to reduce calories and lose weight. When you are able to increase your satiety, it will become easier for you to reduce the fat percentage from your body.

Easy to Take

After a tiring exercise, it is often very difficult to be able to do anything else. The amino acid powder is very easy to take as you can combine it with milk or water very fast. This is a great method to obtain an instant drink and refill your body with the right nutrients. You can use amino acids to substitute a well-balanced meal and thus refuel your body for the rest of the day.