We all have been hearing that exercise is good for us; it keeps us healthy and just generally makes the body more active. For those of you who don’t work out or haven’t yet quite figured out a motivation for it then these benefits listed below will certainly encourage you to do it.

Exercise is great for your brain

Doing regular exercise improves the flow of blood to your brain, and that in return does wonders for you. Research says that exercise improves your memory, makes you a better learner and helps to fight any depression that you might be facing. Another very interesting thing about exercising is that it might just help to delay the process of Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists haven’t yet found out why exactly it changes the functioning of your brain, but it is certainly linked to the production of new brain cells and improved blood flow.

You will become a happier person

Studies have shown that different type of exercises like cycling and even jogging can help fight depression and that all eventually leads to a happy mood. Biologically speaking, exercise activates certain chemicals in the brain namely serotonin and dopamine which are related to your mood. This, therefore, results in a more positive change and makes you emotionally content as well.

You might age slower

Now, there isn’t any way to fight the effects of time, but there are certain areas where the process can be slowed down. Again, studies have shown that there are certain exercises, not that intense, which help to slow down the aging of cells which means that you live to stay active for more than the average time and the physical changes relevant to age are also delayed. You can finally bid farewell to all those expensive cosmetics and multivitamins, just do 30 minutes of the daily workout, and you are good to go.

Your skin gets better and radiant

When we exercise, the blood flow in our body is improved, and this includes all areas, even in the skin. Transportation of oxygen in the blood to the skin is improved and the cells there are rejuvenated faster than the average rate. At the same time, you are releasing heat, and this improves the pink color around your cheeks. We spend tons of money on getting treatments for our skin while a fairly simple and inexpensive way of achieving all that can be done right at your home.

Your fat cells will shrink

The main energy source for our body is the carbohydrates and the fats. With exercising our cardiovascular system gets stronger and this means that the fats which are present in our body are now being converted into an energy source. This all happens with the help of a rigorous workout regime. The fat cells which are particularly responsible for low-grade inflammation are naturally shrunk, and therefore, the inflammation gets toned down as well. Those having problem of swelling and cannot seem to benefit from anything should exercise to get rid of this issue.