In today’s world where there are new exercising machines and fitness tools, slam ball may look obsolete and old fashioned, but no one can deny its advantages and effectiveness. This ball is made of hard rubber that is filled with sand. Though it’s low technology still highly effective because it does the same job that highly complex weights or machines do. Slam balls work best for extension and flexion of core, shoulders, hips and knees.

  1. Overhead Lunges

Quads and glutes burning are done by lunges while holding a ball above your head burns core and shoulder too. Keep your torso in straight and firm position and core tight throughout the movements. Stand straight and hold the slam ball with your hands above your head, extend your arms above your head fully. Now Step forward, Lower your back and right knee gently to the ground, while the ball is over your head the entire time. The shin of your front leg should be vertical, now come back to the original position and keep on doing with the opposite leg.

  1. Ball Slams

Ball slams mean to bang the ball on the ground applying all your force. It engages the whole body from head to toe and let your body move weight with pace and speed. Stand up and put the ball on the floor in front of you. Squat down with your back straight, now lift up the ball from the ground and stand straight while holding the ball above your head. Bang the ball back to the floor hard, once it bounces, catches it and repeats the process again.

  1. Single Leg Toe Touches

This burns your hamstrings and glutes, intensifying your posterior chain. It improves your balance and stabilizes muscle. Hold the ball at chest height in your hands and stand up straight. Extend right leg behind you and bend down forward and touch the toe of your left leg with the ball. It’s ok if your knee is little bent but tries it to lowest possible. Stand again, and start from left leg now, repeat.

  1. Alternating Push-Ups

This burns your shoulders very effectively if it’s not burned from overhead lunges and ball slam. Alternating pushups creates a dynamic movement. Lay down on your stomach in pushup position with one hand on the floor and the other on the ball. Bring your chest down to the floor, and then lift your chest back to the initial position. Now put your other hand on the ball while the 1st hand on the floor and repeat the movement again.

  1. Air Squats

The squat is ultimate booty and great burner, keeping a slam ball in hands adds resistance. Keep your torso straight and upright throughout this movement. Stand straight while your feet hip-width apart, hold the ball in your hands and keep it close to your chest. Sit in a squat position and keep your back straight and chest up, while your heels should be on the ground. (You need to wiggle your toes). Squat and then stand again while the ball is in front of your chest. Repeat it again.